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Notice – People Driven Credit Union will be Closed and Service Interrupted Due to a Computer System Conversion during the weekend of 2/27/15 - 3/1/15
  • Ypsilanti & Romeo branches will close early, at 5 pm, Friday, 2/27/15
  • All branches will be closed Saturday, 2/28/15
  • NO SERVICE CENTER Saturday, 2/28/15
  • Online services will not be available Starting Friday, Feb 27 after 6pm,
Services NOT AVAILABLE During the Conversion
  • Courtesy Pay, Overdraft Protection (Savings and Line-of-Credit)
  • Credit Union Service Centers and Shared Branches
  • Online Home Teller, QT-Telephone Teller It's Me 247 & CU Talk Serice will be turned off permanently on Friday, 2/27/15.
    You will be able to register for Home Teller & QT after this conversion is complete.
  • Online Bill Payment
    If you have scheduled a Bill Payment through Home Teller for the conversion weekend, it will take place as scheduled.
    However, you will NOT have access to Bill pay to schedule new payments during the conversion.
Services that WILL BE AVAILABLE During the Conversion
  • ATM and Debit Cards at limited amounts
    (No Courtesy Pay or Overdraft Protection)
  • Your current Visa® Credit Card with us
If you will be affected during our conversion we recommend you:
  • withdraw extra cash beforehand
  • use your credit union Visa® Credit Card
  • or write a check.

Full ATM/debit card and online service will be restored as soon as possible, but may be out through 3/1/15.
All offices will be open Monday, March 2nd, 2015.

Stay up-to-date by checking the People Driven Credit Union Facebook page for service restoration info that weekend.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this necessary conversion.

For more information about the merger of PTCU and CDCU Click Here.

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